The Daily News from The Animal Quartet-November 24, 2018, Saturday

Jake: “Reporting to you from the house in the Sam Houston National Forest near Montgomery, TX, which is near Houston, today is November 24, 2018 and it is a Saturday, and unfortunately today, there will be no news to report, because Ducky Buttons and Peanuts are not answering our Facetime call to them. Through our network of animal newscasters who contacted our junior newscaster, Lil Monk the Monkey, we have found out that Ducky Buttons and Peanuts have shorted out the power to SiennaTigerlily’s house when they were having one of their parties. And so because the power is shorted out, there is no wi-fi at her house. So no news tonight. SiennaTigerlily and her parents will be home late tomorrow afternoon, and her sister and her sister’s husband will be back at their home in Utah on Monday. And so that’s all for the news folks.”

Jake and Flopsy: “We’ll see you tomorrow. I’m sure SiennaTigerlily will be having some words with our other two newscasters. See you next time.”

The End for today.

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