Day: November 18, 2018


These were taken several years ago out in the country, near San Antonio, Texas. The pictures are of Beans: one of the Baker’s dogs, a mix of Boston Terrier and Beagle. The first one is of her being adorable, just looking up at me and posing perfectly. The top right one is of Beans lying on a hay bale in the Baker’s horses’ barn. The second one down on the right is of her looking up at me. The bottom left is of her relaxing in the sun. And the bottom right one is of Beans and J.W.–one of the Baker’s other dogs–following me as I walk through their horses’ pasture.

Crazy [and a Little Scary] Insects

These are from several years ago. They’re some pictures of insects that I took when I was out visiting some friends who live in the country near San Antonio, Texas. ¬†As it says in the title, they’re pretty crazy looking and a little scary to a city-girl, especially if you hate most insects. Somehow, I managed to get close enough to get pictures of them without freaking out. (Thankfully, that big green one was on the other side of the glass or I probably would have been close to screaming my head off).

Bruce and His Red Beanbag Chair

This was taken several years ago as well, around the same time as the “soccer” pictures were taken. We used to have a red bean bag chair, but we gave it to my sister, seeing as it’s a Texas A&M chair and she went there. But before we gave it to her, our pit bull, Bruce, claimed it as his chair, and would regularly curl up in it when he thought nobody was watching. But as you can see, someone was watching… mom. And they ended up playing with him there in the beanbag chair. What a face. A face that only a mother could love…..actually anyone can love that face it’s so adorable….and they do.