Day: November 19, 2018

Letting the Sun’s Rays Out

600033_10151041837926584_73842621_nThis drawing is done from the picture of a sun letting out its rays, when it’s behind clouds. My professor asked me how I had done the rays–white lines going in different directions–and I told him I used my eraser. He was impressed. The sunshine with its rays going out is here because I love the sunshine. This is another one of my favorites.

Happy Thanksgiving

582415_10151041837171584_1071234393_nThis “Happy Thanksgiving” drawing is based on a picture from the internet. The “1987” was done on Microsoft Word using WordArt. This is here because I was born in 1987 on Thanksgiving Day.

Jumping Over the Clouds

550681_10151041836746584_1548199790_nThis is a drawing done of Snip to make it look like he’s jumping over the clouds. I cut out a photograph of him rolling on the ground on his back and taped it on here in such a way to make it look like he’s jumping over the clouds. It’s here because I loved the idea of making him look like he’s jumping over the clouds when he reality he’s rolling on his back.