Category: Emotion Poetry

The Water of My Heart

Feb.28, 2019: Written right after my dog, Bruce, and my cat, Blondie, died; I’ve always seen life as being “a half-full glass of water”, so for me to not see it that way really means how heartbroken I am, though now with the help of the horses I’m coming back to myself:

I am heartbroken,

The halves of my heart fall to the ground–their edges jagged,

They hit the ground shattering into many pieces,

My heart shattered–I am empty,

The glass of water is empty,

There is no half-full,

Where is the water that will make the glass full which will bring my heart halves into a whole one?

That water is missing.

Glow and Show

Another poem from when I had my “creativity juices” flowing.

Glow and Show:

Glowing amber,

Glowing gold,

Shine soft light that you are,

Light the world with your radiance, your hope your beauty,

Show your light,

Show your truth,

Show your beauty,

Show the truth—and light the world with it.

Show Me

This is another poem that was written about 15 years ago. At that time, my creativity–when it came to poetry–was bountiful.

Show Me:

Show me the way,

Show me the path,

Show me the heart,

Show me that you are true,

Show me the shining light that I know you are,

Show me the hope that I know you have.

The Different Ones

I wrote this poem back when I was in high school at about 15 years old–so around 15 years ago now. I was a loner in high school, though I did have friends. I just hated following the crowds. As my parents say, “I walk to the beat of my own drum”. It is so very true. And I always will. I celebrate not following the crowds–not being one of the popular kids. Usually you have to live up to everyone’s expectations of being perfect if you’re a popular kid. I had my own expectations, and they were high, but they were aimed in a different direction. They were aimed at being the best that I could be.

The Different Ones:

Castaway on the lonely islands,

Rogue to all the regular people of the land,

Layabout—doing nothing,

Lonewolf off on my own,

Loner not following any way but my own,

We are the outcasts,

Outcast to everyone but our own kind.