The Daily News from The Animal Quartet-November 22, 2018, Thursday

Flopsy: “Reporting to you from the house in the Sam Houston National Forest near Montgomery, TX, which is near Houston, today is November 22, 2018 and it is a Thursday, and my name is Flopsy the White Bunny, and these are my co-hosts: Jake the Ape, Ducky Buttons the Yellow Duck, and Peanuts the Elephant. SiennaTigerlily and her parents are on vacation for her and her sister’s birthday and Thanksgiving and they will be back on Sunday. She and her sister, and their parents, and her sister’s husband will be attending the Renaissance Festival on Friday. And so because we’re not going to be in South Texas for the next several days, we’ll be reporting on the news from around here. Also, Jake and I are the only ones who managed to cram ourselves into SiennaTigerlily’s suitcase without her noticing. So unfortunately, Ducky Buttons and Peanuts are not here with us. Rather they’re at home partying, though for the news we will be Facetiming with them.

And to start off:

In the cooking news, a new chowder of the Begonia and the Blue Lyme Grass was created. The Foxglove Curry with a sprig of Ivy has come into being and is now being served at Olive Garden. A new donut of the Jewel Orchid with sprinkles of the Indian Pink goes perfect with the Lavender Coffee. The Neomarica, the Onion, and the Oak Tree with a little more than a cup of water have come together to create a new smoothie. It’s been named the Oatroneo. And lastly, the Trumpet Tree, the Sword Fern, and the Voodoo Lily create the new cocktail drink. The name of this new cocktail is the Trumpet Fern Lily Cocktail. It will be in stores in three days. And that’s all in the cooking news today!”

Peanuts: “Today in the celebrity news, Bessie the Ibex finished her album “Racing to the Skies”. It will be out in stores in 3 days. Cassius the Indian Jackal visited his family in India and while there met the beautiful TV star Kiara the Indian Jackal. After knowing each other for a very short 2 months, they are getting married. They will be married in 3 months in a small ceremony in India and then move back to Houston so that Cassius can continue his acting. Martin the Stick Insect appeared on the Red Carpet this afternoon for his movie “Thin As Can Be”. It will be out in theatres in one month. And last of all, Carmina the Four-Horned Antelope moved to India to be with her family. She will continue her acting once there.  That’s the end of the celebrity news for today folks! Have a great day everyone!”

Ducky Buttons: “In the news according to sports, we’ll be covering the boomerang, bowling, and chess. And so in the sport of the boomerang, Gabby the Jaguar and Willa the Japanese Macaque went up against each other. I’m not sure why Gabby thought she could do the boomerang when obviously she can’t, but somehow, she wound up beating Willa 5-4 in the last two minutes of the game. In the second competition of the boomerang, Andrew the Jaguarandi and Kitster the Kaffir Cat tied at 5-5, and so there was no winner. In bowling, Macy the Killer Whale did an awesome roll against Kashik the King Cormorant, beating him 8-5. That was quite an interesting game seeing as Macy somehow managed to roll the bowling ball even though she was in a tank of water next to the aisle. Jeb the Leopard and Evie the African Lion made history today as the first two big cats to go up against each other and tie. The final score was 10-10. There will be a rematch sometime later in the week. In Chess today, Dina the Little Brown Bat played against Zoey the Llama. The game was scheduled for 4PM, but didn’t actually get started until 6PM because Dina was unable to see the board from where she was sitting. And so they found her a highchair, and then put some couch cushions in the highchair so she could sit there. Then the game began. Though Dina was smaller and had to have someone else moving the pieces for her, she still ended up winning. The game took one hour. The second competition for Chess was Yvonne the African Lynx against Amy the Madagascar Hawk Owl. It took two hours and was a very intense game with many furrowed eyebrows and shh’s during the game when the audience would whisper. And so the game ended with Yvonne as the winner.”

Jake: “Tonight in the weather it is a partly cloudy 51 degrees Fahrenheit with a high of 70 degrees and a low of 49 right now at 10PM. For the rest of the night, the weather will be a steady 51 degrees with a constant feel of 51 degrees. It will remain partly cloudy for the next hour or so and then will turn cloudy. The wind tonight is a SSE wind ranging from 1 mph to 2 mph with no chance of rain. And that’s all for the weather folks. See you next time!”

Peanuts, Jake, Flopsy, and Ducky Buttons: “Have a great day everyone and stay warm! See you tomorrow!”

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