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Me and My Boy, Snip

This was taken a few years ago, shortly before I drove back home. I had been up visiting the Baker’s–Snip’s owners–who live out in the country, about a half-hour or so away from San Antonio for a week and now it was time to go home. I love to take pictures of me and my boy, so that I can have them as a “record of sorts”. Or something to that effect. I just love taking pictures with him. And there are times–like here–where he happily cooperates and so they turn out pretty good. When he cooperates, that means he’s posing. Which he does love to do….pose. This horse can truly pose. 😀


These were taken several years ago out in the country, near San Antonio, Texas. The pictures are of Beans: one of the Baker’s dogs, a mix of Boston Terrier and Beagle. The first one is of her being adorable, just looking up at me and posing perfectly. The top right one is of Beans lying on a hay bale in the Baker’s horses’ barn. The second one down on the right is of her looking up at me. The bottom left is of her relaxing in the sun. And the bottom right one is of Beans and J.W.–one of the Baker’s other dogs–following me as I walk through their horses’ pasture.