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Back in July 2015, when I was volunteering with my local animal shelter, a puppy came into the shelter. (I’d been volunteering there since the beginning of November 2014, and because I was coming every day and staying for most of the time they were open, I soon was able to do more than just walking/running/playing with the dogs. In time, I was bathing/grooming the dogs, as well as, helping out with volunteer orientations and helping potential adopters find their “furever dog” since I knew every dog in the shelter.). The puppy was a beautiful solid white and she had black eyes, and was a Lab-mix. She was put into foster with Amy, the Assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator/Foster Coordinator, while her forever home was being found. We were in the meeting room one day with the puppy, trying to think up a name for her. We’d both agreed that her name should reflect her coat color–white–and so we looked on an online thesaurus for synonyms to the word, “white”. After several minutes of looking them over, we saw her name…..Ivory. We both immediately agreed on it. And so the puppy was named Ivory. She was adopted a month later.Ivory