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Me and My Boy, Snip

This was taken a few years ago, shortly before I drove back home. I had been up visiting the Baker’s–Snip’s owners–who live out in the country, about a half-hour or so away from San Antonio for a week and now it was time to go home. I love to take pictures of me and my boy, so that I can have them as a “record of sorts”. Or something to that effect. I just love taking pictures with him. And there are times–like here–where he happily cooperates and so they turn out pretty good. When he cooperates, that means he’s posing. Which he does love to do….pose. This horse can truly pose. 😀


These were taken several years ago out in the country, near San Antonio, Texas. The pictures are of Beans: one of the Baker’s dogs, a mix of Boston Terrier and Beagle. The first one is of her being adorable, just looking up at me and posing perfectly. The top right one is of Beans lying on a hay bale in the Baker’s horses’ barn. The second one down on the right is of her looking up at me. The bottom left is of her relaxing in the sun. And the bottom right one is of Beans and J.W.–one of the Baker’s other dogs–following me as I walk through their horses’ pasture.

Bruce and His Red Beanbag Chair

This was taken several years ago as well, around the same time as the “soccer” pictures were taken. We used to have a red bean bag chair, but we gave it to my sister, seeing as it’s a Texas A&M chair and she went there. But before we gave it to her, our pit bull, Bruce, claimed it as his chair, and would regularly curl up in it when he thought nobody was watching. But as you can see, someone was watching…..my mom. And they ended up playing with him there in the beanbag chair. What a face. A face that only a mother could love…..actually anyone can love that face it’s so adorable….and they do.


Back in July 2015, when I was volunteering with my local animal shelter, a puppy came into the shelter. (I’d been volunteering there since the beginning of November 2014, and because I was coming every day and staying for most of the time they were open, I soon was able to do more than just walking/running/playing with the dogs. In time, I was bathing/grooming the dogs, as well as, helping out with volunteer orientations and helping potential adopters find their “furever dog” since I knew every dog in the shelter.). The puppy was a beautiful solid white and she had black eyes, and was a Lab-mix. She was put into foster with Amy, the Assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator/Foster Coordinator, while her forever home was being found. We were in the meeting room one day with the puppy, trying to think up a name for her. We’d both agreed that her name should reflect her coat color–white–and so we looked on an online thesaurus for synonyms to the word, “white”. After several minutes of looking them over, we saw her name…..Ivory. We both immediately agreed on it. And so the puppy was named Ivory. She was adopted a month later.Ivory

Wild Horse & Burro Auction 2018

A half-hour from my house, are the Livestock Show Grounds, where every year the wild horses and burros (donkeys) from Nevada–I think that’s where they’re from–come to be sold. (They’re sold at other places on their way down here). It was in February, I think, that they came down, and at 8AM, my mom, neice, and I went to see the horses and burros since it started at about 8:30AM. The weather was wonderfully chilly, and with jeans, my cowboy boots, a long-sleeved shirt, and hoodie on it felt great out. At the show grounds, we parked and went straight to where the auction was taking place. There were a couple dozen wild horses, which were all beautifully shaggy, and two adorable (also shaggy) burros. The colors of the horses ranged from light brown to dark brown to black, with different markings, mostly markings on the face, such as a blaze, or legs of black or dark brown. Very few of them were one solid color. My favorite one there–the one I would have bought–was a light brown filly with a white patch in the center of her forehead, the size of my little finger’s nail. (She’s pictured in a close-up and distance one of her with her nose to the ground nibbling at the hay there and a close up of her face). I also got to feed her and the black filly with the dark brown-tinted forelock. The light brown filly also let me pet her a little. She was the most friendly one of them all. As you can see from the pictures, I went around and took a lot of pictures of the horses. I “oohed and awwed” at all the horses. My mom and I noted which ones we liked the most, the two of us commenting on the horse’s confirmations, markings, and colorings, while my niece tried to feed them. We watched as the guys there separated the horse(s) out from the others that were already bought and sent them down a chute to their new owner’s trailer. My little filly got separated out too, and was sent down the chute to a guy’s trailer. And in she went. Awhile later, we left for home.