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Jeweled Eyes Set in Stone:

From May 18, 2019.

Jeweled eyes set in stone,

Topaz like the sunny sun,

Ruby as the rose is red,

Aquamarine like the waters clear,

Sapphire such as the distant mountains blue,

Emerald as the forest is green green green,

Onyx blends into the night,

Many jeweled eyes look out,

Survey the nature of the world,

Jeweled eyes are set in stone.


The jaguar is one of my favorites of the big cats.


I am stealthy and sleek,

I am dangerous,

My claws are sharp–I deal you a deadly blow,

My eyes glow with a dangerous light,

They seek you out–I find you,

I come to you in the night,

Softly–cautiously–and dangerously,

I come to you across the forest floor.


I think this was inspired by a fantasy book that I was reading at the time.


Black eyes look out from the forest’s shadowy depths,

They glow like hot embers,

They stalk my dreams,

Golden eyes come forth,

Protect me,

Thick white coat warm me,

Wrap around me,

Give me a toasty fire and hold me close.