Author: SiennaTigerlily

Hey, my name's Val and I'm from Texas. I love animals--specifically horses, dogs, tigers, wolves, and cats. I have a 15 year old tortoise-shell cat, named Chloe, and the horse pictured here with me belongs to friends, but they call him "my horse". (My pitbull, Bruce, and my cat, Blondie, were put down together on February 28 because of worsening health problems). He's my boy, and his name is Snip, and he's a sweet little devil at heart. I'm a personal assistant to an estate. My favorite hobbies are horseback riding, reading, and most anything having to do with the outdoors, along with many other hobbies.

Old King Cole

This is another one of my silly poems. Done several years ago. For awhile there I was on quite a role for crazy poems.

Old King Cole:

Old King Cole is from the North Pole,

He has no heart and soul,

But he does have a son named Joel,

Who has a tadpole,

That lives in a fishbowl,

Out of which comes a flagpole,

Who does have a heart and soul.