The Daily News from The Animal Quartet-December 8, 2018, Saturday

SiennaTigerlily: “Hey everyone, this is SiennaTigerlily, and it is December 8, 2018, and it is a Saturday. Our newscasters took a daytrip to the Santa Anna National Wildlife Refuge and the Butterfly Garden. They had a wonderful day of photographing everything in sight, frolicking along the trails, and enjoying the wonderfully cool air. They had a picnic lunch out there, and then played some tag. After spending the morning at the Santa Anna Wildlife Refuge, they went to the Butterfly Garden. More pictures were taken, and Jake, Blue Fuzz, Flopsy, and Lil Monkey had a grand time chasing the butterflies—and each other—around the garden. They explored the different paths there and also tried naming all the butterflies. Obviously, they didn’t get them all right. And so, after a day of much running around like the wild things that they are, they’re now in bed. That’s the news for the day. Have a good night and stay warm.”

The End for today.

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