Bruce and Our Version of “Soccer”

This was taken several years ago, back when my family’s pit bull, Bruce, was about 4 or 5 years old, which meant that I was 22 or 23 at the time. (He just turned 12 years old in human years in January). Bruce and I would go out on to the concrete driveway–I always went out barefoot so I wouldn’t step on him–and we would kick around this old basketball that we didn’t use as a basketball anymore. Instead it had turned into a “soccer ball”. Our version of “soccer” was just kicking the ball around, trying to get it away from each other. He was very good at it. The basketball lasted a few years cause his teeth couldn’t get as good a grip on it as they could on an actual soccer ball. (I had tried an actual soccer ball, and it had lasted two days of playing “soccer” with Bruce; this basketball lasted a few years before he finally punctured it and it became a chew toy). I would kick it around with the side of my feet, and as you see here he would “bat at it” with his paws. Sometimes he was actually able to get his teeth around it and he would proudly prance around showing off that he was able to carry it around all by himself. He truly loved playing “soccer”. I hope that when I finally get my own dog someday they love doing the same thing.

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