The Daily News from The Animal Quartet-November 14, 2018, Wednesday

Jake: “Reporting to you from SiennaTigerlily’s bedroom, today is November 14, 2018, and it is a Wednesday, and my name is Jake the Ape, and these are–”

Flopsy: “It’s my turn to do the announcing today, Jake, you did it yesterday. Remember? We each take a day being the first announcer.”

Peanuts: “He’s right, Jake. We did say that.”

Jake: “All right. Go, Flopsy. You start off. Oh, heaven’s, we’re live. Oops. Sorry about that people. Flopsy, move it. Announce it.”

Flopsy: “I’m going. If you’d let me. And now, before I was so rudely interrupted, we are reporting to you from SiennaTigerlily’s bedroom, and today is November 14, 2018, and it is a Wednesday, and my name is Flopsy the White Bunny. These are my co-hosts, Jake the Ape, Peanuts the Elephant, and Ducky Buttons the Yellow Duck. And we’re here to bring  you the latest news from South Texas.

To start off:

The latest news in cooking. Daffodil Cake–the new version–is now out at Sprout’s. The new version uses the white daffodils with the orange center, not the solid yellow. They’re $5, which for them is amazingly cheap. The Aloe Vera Plant is now been figured out how to make it into a syrup to have on top of your Amethyst Flower Pancakes or your Alabama Snow Wreath Waffles. The Desert Rose Cookie has now come out in stores. It is sweet, sweet, sweet! Anyone who has a sweet tooth watch out for this cookie. Yum! A new casserole of the Golden Aster and the Holly Fern has made a comeback, though this time it has a new ingredient–the Iris. A lovely combination. A soda has now been made out of the Blue Oat Grass. It comes out in restaurants in two days. There is a new tea out now made from a combination of Cabbage and the Chestnut Tree. It is wonderful hot or cold. Enjoy! And that’s all for the cooking news today. More tomorrow. Curl up with some warm food and a warm drink by your fires, everyone, it’s still pretty cool out there.”

Peanuts: “And now on to the celebrity news. Betty the Lynx is making an appearance on the Red Carpet on Friday afternoon at 3PM for her stunning performance in her movie, “Staring Eyes”. Jack the Wallaby has now recovered from his bout of pneumonia and he is on to his new movie “Thick as Theives”. Chastidy and Benji the Chickadees welcomed three new little ones into the world this morning at 1AM. They now have a son, Evan, and two daughters, Nancy and Andrea. And that’s all for the celebrity news.”

Ducky Buttons: And in sports today, we’re covering baseball, dodgeball, and kickball. In baseball, the Bisons and the Herons were neck and neck for awhile, but the Herons ended up taking down the Bisons, 15-10. The Kites and the Swans were once again going up against each other. These legendary rivals are equal to each other in every way. You never know who will beat the other one. Though today, the Kites were victorious, smashing the Swans into the ground with an amazing 40-3! Never before has that happened. Today in dodgeball, the Lizards and the Boas were at each other in a very dirty game. For a time, it looked like the Lizards would be the victors, but out of nowhere the Boas took the ball and then the game was their’s, and they beat the Lizards with an amazing 20-2! The Owls and the Pigs were at it once again, but it didn’t last long, because the Owls swooped down and nabbed the ball. They had the game after that. It finished just a few minutes later, with the Owls wiping out the Pigs, 25-3. History was made today in kickball, when the Caimans beat the Sea Lions 20-1. The last time that happened was 15 years ago, when the Caimans had Ollie with them, who is now retired. It looks like a second “Ollie” is now here, this one by the name of Zachary. The Foxes went against the Cobras, with the Cobras taking the ball the whole game and not giving the Foxes any chance with it. And so the Cobras beat the Foxes 18-0. That’s all in sports, folks! Have a great day!”

Jake: “And now, lastly the weather. It is 2PM here right now in South Texas and is a sunny 61 degrees, feeling like 60. There will be a high of 62 to a low of 39, with a feel ranging from 41 degrees to 61 degrees. It will be sunny for the rest of the day, with a NNW wind from 3PM-5PM of 5-7 mph. At 6PM, that wind will change to a N wind at 4 mph, and at 7PM to a NNE at 3 mph, and from there going to a NE at 2 mph at 8-9PM and then at 10PM ENE at 1 mph. After that, it will be calm for the most part. And so settle in for some more cold weather. That’s all for the weather, everybody! Stay warm!”

Flopsy, Peanuts, Ducky Buttons, and Jake: “Have a great day, everyone, and see you tomorrow!”

The End for today.

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