Inner Strength, The Arrow, and The Wolf

In early 2016, I went to school for Medical Coding & Billing and met my best friend, Angie, there. We got to know each other really well and soon we were just like “sisters”. We decided to get matching tattoos together, and so Angie and I got the arrow together. I decided to add the wolf on because the wolf is my favorite one of all my animal totems and also because I love wolves. The “Inner Strength” is there, because to me, the wolf represents “inner strength”, so they go together. (The “Inner Strength” and the wolf were added on at the last minute in the tattoo parlor–I wanted something more and so I was searching on the internet [on my cell] for something more when those two things occured to me).

2 thoughts on “Inner Strength, The Arrow, and The Wolf

    1. Twilight’s one of my many favorite movies. It took me a couple hours of searching to find the perfect wolf. Luckily there was a long line at the tattoo parlor, LOL. (Though no movie will ever beat the lord of the rings).


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