This was taken back in 2015 at the local animal shelter. The puppy’s name is Arrow and she’s a German Shepherd mix and about 3 or so months old. I came into the shelter that morning and made a beeline for the dogs’ kennels to see who was new. You have to go past the puppy’s section and upon looking into their section I saw Arrow in her kennel–a black and brown ball of fluff, her beautiful expressive eyes looking out waiting for her forever family. She caught my heart immediately and I went into the puppy section and straight to her kennel. I opened the door and she immediately came to me, joyful for some attention. I picked her up and cuddled her and she cuddled back. Over the next week I repeatedly saw her and played with her in a small pen indoors. One of the kennel technicians took these pictures of us. A little over a week after I’d met Arrow I once again went straight to her kennel and found it empty. I went and asked where she was and found out to my sadness that she had been tested with another puppy to see how she was with them. It was found out that she was aggressive towards other dogs, though an absolute sweetheart towards people as you see here. I never saw her again. I don’t know if she was euthanized because of her dog-aggressiveness or if she found a forever home with a family who would only have her as their dog. The shelter just told me she had been tested and turned out aggressive and nothing else. I hope that my sweetheart found her forever home. I wish I could have taken her, but at the time it wasn’t possible.

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